Christmas Combo!

Christmas Combo .. now thats a bargain folks! This bundle is saving you £12.00!

A stocking & a toy - RRP for both together is £27.98 - Bag yourself and your pooch a bargain before they sell out.

Christmas Combo!

  • Toy:

    PetLondon’ s Tough Toys are perfect for those furry Christmas helpers that prefer to tear around the house rather help make Christmas lunch. These stuffing-less toys are made from a durable soft quilted padding; so no fluffy mess to clean up. Reinforced by a strong triple inter-locking stitched seem, designed to be incredibly long-lasting. Inside each Tough Toy are two puncture resistant squeakers which are designed to puzzle dogs due to their unusual shape and movement. Perfect for interactive play between one or multiple dogs, great for indoor tossing and tug of war competitions. Measures 12”


    Bright red fleece style stocking with green stitching along the edges make for a festive Christmas time for your little friend. Bones and paws decorate the length of the stocking. 

    Measures 14"